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The Sam Bush Band

The Sam Bush Band. Grammy Award winning multi-instrumentalist Sam Bush doesn't seem old enough to be a musical legend. And he's not. But he is. Alternately known as the King of Telluride and the King of Newgrass, Bush has been honored by the Americana Music Association and the International Bluegrass Music Association. "It's overwhelming and humbling," Bush says of his lifetime achievement award from the AMA. "It goes along with the title cut of my new album, Circles Around Me, which basically says, how in the hell did we get this far? In my brain I'm still 17, but I look in the mirror and I'm 57."

Leftover Salmon featuring Bill Payne of Little Feat

Leftover Salmon Looking back over the past 25 years of rootsy, Americana, string-based music, the impact of Leftover Salmon is impossible to deny. Formed in Boulder, CO in 1989 the group was one of the first bluegrass bands to add drums and tour rock & roll bars, helping Salmon become a pillar of the jam band scene and unwitting architects of the jam grass genre. Joined by Bill Payne co-founder of the American rock band Little Feat. He is considered by many other piano rock musicians, including Elton John, to be one of the finest American piano rock and blues music artists.

Keller and the Keels

Keller and the Keels is a fun, foot-stomping project that includes Keller's old buddy and award-winning flat picker Larry Keel on guitar, and Larry's beautiful, rock-solid in-the-pocket acoustic bass playing wife, Jenny Keel.  The trio released their first album, "Grass", in 2006 to the acclaim of critics and fans alike.  A delightfully bizarre collection of anything-but-traditional bluegrass songs comprised of both covers and originals, "Grass" successfully blended the world of bluegrass, rock and folk into one tasty meal. 

Bruce Molsky

Bruce Molsky To play traditional music, you've got to be something of a folklorist, hand-selecting songs learned from field recordings, festivals, and old-timers. Bruce Molsky goes above and beyond: the world's premier old-time fiddler walks around with a library's worth of lyrics and music humming in his head."Molsky is easily one of the nation's most talented fiddlers...the most rewarding thing about this record, and really about any of Molsky's solo work, is the way he transports you from one place to the next, throwing in surprises along the way—it's a bit of a road trip, geographically, historically, and most of all emotionally." Mike Mechanic, Mother Jones "America's reigning old time fiddler." Matt Glaser, fiddler-educator "The Rembrandt of Appalachian fiddle." Darol Anger, fiddler "There's an incredible power of history and tradition in his vocals." - Linda Ronstadt, singer

Danny Paisley and Southern Grass

Danny Paisley and The Southern Grass Since Danny's father Bob Paisley (founder of Southern Grass) passed away in 2004, Danny Paisley and The Southern Grass have made their own niche in the bluegrass world. Their album, The Room Over Mine, earned accolades and significant chart action, and the song, "Don't Throw Mama's Flowers Away" won the 2009 IBMA Award for Song of the Year and have garnered several IBMA nominations for Emerging Artist of The Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year. Danny Paisley and The Southern Grass are a national and international touring band who frequently get invited for return engagements. Their list of notable festivals and events include: Rocky Grass, Grey Fox, Grass Valley, Del Fest, Wind Gap, Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival and more.

Keller Williams with More Than a Little

Keller Williams with More than a Little In my ever-swirling musical world, there are few genres that I leave untouched. That's why I am elated to present my new project, More Than A Little. It's more than a little soulful, more than a little funky and it' making me more than a little happy. Drawing from the vast Gospel/R&B scene in Richmond, VA…I feel like we are blazing new ground in the world of funk. Funking up some of my favorite songs mixed with some interesting, familiar covers done the "More Than A Little Way." I'm proud to say that this band brings it. It's no typical white boy funk that one may expect from this typical white boy. - Keller  

The Furnace Mountain Band

Furnace Mountain Band Furnace Mountain consists of  Aimee Curl on Bass and Vocals, Danny Knicely on Mandolin and Fiddle, Dave Van Deventer on Fiddle, and Morgan Morrison on Bouzouki, Guitar and Vocals. Members of the band have been playing together since 1995, and grew up in the same area of Virginia on or near the mountain bearing the same name. Furnace Mountain will be releasing their 5th CD in May 2012, to coincide with their 3rd UK tour. The band has graced stages near and far, from the Yangtze River in China to the banks of the Shenandoah River where they are the host band of the world famous Watermelon Park Festival each year.

Town Mountain

Town Mountain Hard Drivin' Carolina String Band. The sound of the award-winning group Town Mountain can best be described as traditional bluegrass, albeit with a rough-hewn side to it that is not too slick or glossy. They are a band of the here-and-now, yet they have a groove that is based on the bluesy and swinging sounds explored by the first generation of bluegrass pioneers of the last century. With the success of their latest album, Leave The Bottle, the word is out with some of their best reviews yet.  

Keller Williams solo set

Keller Williams Solo Set Get ready for One-man-band, Keller Williams, and his awe-inspiring live performance. You will be amazed by Keller's technical virtuosity and wicked sense of humor. Don't miss a beat of the singular musical style that has critics and fans hailing Keller Williams as "a true American original" and a "must-see performer."  

Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes

Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes Richmond has been recognized for generations as a "gospel town," with a vibrant tradition of African American gospel groups and choirs, and one of its most legendary figures is Evangelist Maggie Ingram. Born July 4, 1930, on Mulholland's Plantation in Coffee County, Georgia, Maggie worked in the cotton and tobacco fields with her parents. She began playing the piano and singing at an early age, developing a great love for the church and the ministry of the Gospel. Sister Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes soon became a singing group sought after for appearances throughout Florida. Maggie moved her family to Richmond in 1961, where she worked in the home of Oliver W. Hill Sr., the prominent civil rights attorney who had represented the Virginia plaintiffs in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case. With her children, Maggie began a prison ministry, partnering with the Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in the 1970s. The Ingramettes have since become gospel icons in Richmond and have received numerous awards, including the prestigious Virginia Heritage Award in 2009. Maggie was awarded a doctor of music from Virginia Triumphant College and Seminary in 2011. Most recently, the Virginia Folklife Program produced a much anticipated live recording of Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes, which received the Independent Music Awards Fan's Choice for 2012 Gospel Album of the Year. Sponsored by Virginia Folklife Program

The Woodshedders

The Woodshedders The lineup includes Dwayne Brooke on guitar and vocals, Ryan Mayo on upright bass and piano, Jared Pool on guitar and mandolin, Jesse Shultzaberger on drums, and Dave Van Deventer on fiddle. The Woodshedders have played Bristol Rhythm & Roots Festival, Mountain Stage New Song Fest, PBS Song of the Mountains, WAMU's Capital Americana. "These guys should have absolutely no problem crossing over to the major league. Festival bookers please form an orderly queue." Americana UK


ELIZABETH LAPRELLE and ANNA ROBERTS-GEVALT are based in Southwest Virginia. They met, coming at traditional Appalachian music from different directions. Anna was in a touring old-time band. Elizabeth was singing ballads in far-away states. They came together to create a different kind of show: one that used theater and stories to show people what they love about old tunes and ballads. They also knew that keeping the music in the mountains--playing in their communities, playing for schools--was part of the job. With that, they set about making crankies, and learning stories, and trading songs and tunes.

Knicely Family Band

The Knicely Family Band Virginia's Shenandoah Valley has long been fertile ground for the development of old time and bluegrass music, and the Knicely Family have been one of the most prominent musical families in Rockingham County for generations. Multi-instrumentalist A. O. Knicely was a staple at area barn dances in the 1930s. His son Glen soaked up this music as a child, and along with his wife Darlena, passed this tradition on to sons David, Danny, and Neil. Danny has become one of the most respected and versatile multi-instrumentalists of his generation, collaborating with prominent musicians in the U.S. and abroad. He has won many awards for his mandolin, guitar, fiddle, and flatfoot expertise, including first place in the mandolin contest at the prestigious Telluride Bluegrass Festival. While the family rarely performs together, they are regularly found jamming at fiddlers' conventions and other musical gatherings across Virginia. Sponsored by Virginia Folklife Program

The South Carolina Broadcasters

The South Carolina Broadcasters "The South Carolina Broadcasters are not just another group dipping into the deep pool of traditional music in hopes of being trendy. Nearly every facet of the group is subservient to the style of music they present. Hailing from Charleston, S.C., but with roots in the sacred Mt. Airy region, they are a three-piece group, comprising David Sheppard on guitar, Ivy Sheppard on fiddle and banjo and relative newcomer Sarah Osborne on banjo and guitar. They each provide vocals to create distinctive harmonies; in person, it sounds as if every member has just stepped from a dusty old 78 RPM platter, ready to sing again. With many similarities to the early Carter Family, the Broadcasters dig deep into traditional gospel numbers and old-time tunes that originated from the mountains of the Carolinas and Virginia. The Broadcasters tour constantly through the Southeast and across the country. And with each release, they become tighter, somehow closer to reaching the heart of the music they obviously love. The harmonies are crisp. The playing is tight. The music is raw and raucous, heartfelt and beautiful. They are the South Carolina Broadcasters, and they are what is great about old time music." —Dan Schram INDY Weekly. Sponsored by Chip Schutte at Remax Roots

The Bumper Jacksons

The Bumper Jacksons The Bumper Jacksons are a big, fat party. Hot and sweet, their early jazz and country repertoire paints America's story from New Orleans' brothels to Appalachian hollers. Unafraid to scrap together new sounds from forgotten 78's, the Bumper Jacksons boldly and elegantly balance paying homage to the traditions while fashioning their own unique, DIY style.

Locust Honey

Locust Honey Chloe, Hilary and Meredith bring their respective experience in Old-Time, Bluegrass, and Pre-war Blues to both their original material and the traditional songs and tunes of the American Southeast. With a rotating instrumentation of fiddles, open-back and resonator banjos, acoustic and resonator guitars and upright bass, they set an emphasis on lively arrangements that showcase their vintage three-part vocal harmonies. 

Grand Ole' Ditch

Grand Ole' Ditch Winners of the 2013 Watermelon Park Fest band competition. Jacob Mathews, Craig Miller, Jody Mosser, Lucas Mathews, and Ryan Hohing. Grand Ole' Ditch is a contemporary bluegrass band born in the mountains of Western Maryland. With a style steeped in Appalachian musical tradition, the band aims to reimagine contemporary music with bluegrass stylizations. The band derived its name from an important piece of Western Maryland history: the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. The Canal, nicknamed the Grand Old Ditch, carried coal from the Allegheny Mountains to the East Coast during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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