Back this year, local Beer Garden

2019 will host both B-Chord Brewery from Round Hill and Winchester Ciderworks.


2019 Food Vendors included:
Country Catering
Sassy Wraps
Sexi Mexi
Norton’s Italian Ice
Fizzle’s BBQ
Umami Bites


2019 Vendor applications now being accepted.  We will be having a wide variety of food and craft vendors at Watermelon Park Fest.

clothing instruments food

We are currently accepting applications for food and merchandise vendors. All vendors are encouraged to apply. Experienced, local vendors are preferred. We jury all applicants for quality, and professional appearance. All vendors must submit an application, which includes product descriptions and pricing information (see application links below). All vendors are required to use biodegradable, compost able or highly recyclable serve ware and packaging. No alcohol sales permitted. No Styrofoam or glass containers allowed. Aluminum cans preferred over plastic. Spaces are limited so please act quickly. No unauthorized vending allowed. Click the Food or Merchandise Vendor Application link below. Please only submit one application per vendor. Applications include vendor coordinator contact, rules/regulations, and payment information. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding the application.


Food Vendor application 2019 (full for 2019))

Merch Vendor Application 2019 )Full for 2019)